Cummins Engine Part Camshaft 4101432/3682142 For Cummins ISX15 Engine

Part number: 4101432/3682142 Description: Cummins genuine Camshaft with replacement part number 4101432/3682142 for Cummins Engine ISX CM570, ISX CM870, ISX CM871, ISX CM871 E, ISX15 CM2250, ISX15 CM2250 SN, ISX15 CM2350 X101, ISX15 CM2350 X129, ISZ13 CM2150 SN, QSX11.9 CM2250 ECF, QSX15 CM2250, QSX15 CM2250 ECF, QSX15 CM2250 X115, QSX15 CM2350 X105, QSX15 CM2350 X106, QSX15 CM2350 X118, QSX15 CM2350 X130, QSX15 CM2350 X131, QSX15 CM570, QSZ13 CM2150 Z101, QSZ13 CM2150 Z102, R2.8 CM2220 R101B, X12 CM2350 X119B, X15 CM2350 X114B, X15 CM2350 X116B, X15 CM2350 X125M, X15 CM2350 X132C.

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Product Parameter

Part name: Camshaft
Part number: 4101432/3682142
Brand: Cummins
Warranty: 6 months
Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Packing: Cummins Packing
Feature: Genuine & Brand New
Stock situation: 20 pieces in stock;
Unit weight: 28.6kg
Size: 123*10*10cm
The camshaft is a component in a piston engine. Its function is to control the opening and closing of the valve. Although the speed of the camshaft in a four-stroke engine is half that of the crankshaft (the speed of the camshaft in a two-stroke engine is the same as the crankshaft), it usually still has a high speed and needs to withstand a lot of torque. Camshafts have high requirements in terms of strength and support, and their materials are generally high-quality alloy steel or alloy steel. Since the valve motion law is related to the power and operating characteristics of an engine, the camshaft design occupies a very important position in the engine design process.

Camshaft working conditions and materials

Cam bearings are subjected to periodic shock loads. The contact stress between the cam and the tappet is very large, and the relative sliding speed is also high, so the wear of the working surface of the cam is relatively serious. In view of this situation, in addition to high dimensional accuracy, small surface roughness and sufficient rigidity, the camshaft journal and cam working surface should also have high wear resistance and good lubrication. Camshafts are usually forged from high-quality carbon steel or alloy steel, and can also be cast from alloy cast iron or ductile iron. The journal and cam working surfaces are ground after heat treatment.

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Porduct application

Cummins engines are mainly used in commercial vehicles, construction machinery, mining equipment, marine power and generator sets, etc.

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